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Grace Harris...friend or foe?

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Shizo, the brains of this operation!

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Beware Slade!

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Potions? I got it!

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Roakai is from nowadays, but he's pretty talented for his time. If you need a potion, all you need to do is ask the aspiring alchemist!

Main article: Roakai_Konoshy

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November 10, 2013
Wiki Creation
The Wiki has been created, and also has a lot of coding in progress! If you see any problems or have any requests and/or suggestions, please contact Arya. She's in control, and can also give user rights.

December 9, 2013
Main Page
At the moment, the main page is rather unorganized, and we are working to fix that...so please, be patient.

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MorganShadowheart MorganShadowheart 29 December 2013

Suggested From my sis

More mom... um... ok

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MorganShadowheart MorganShadowheart 12 November 2013

Talks with Jacob

Home home is where the heart is and wher eht dog hair sticks to everything 

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Arya Elf Arya Elf 11 November 2013

This is a Test

This is a Test

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Kill now, think later.
— Grace Harris
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Slade Darkangle...Need we say more?

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