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Shizo Nagasaky
Shizo nagasaky by shay1997ak-d6mi94m.jpg
Sex Male
Residence Japan 2100
Occupation Warp Traveler
More info
Eyes Golden
Hair Silver
Look Anthro snow leopard
Nicknames none
Relatives Uknown
Time Period
Played By Shayne

Shizo is a character from Split Second.


Shizo Nagasaky is an average looking 19 year old anthro snow leopard boy. He is 5'5 tall and is usually dressed in black cargo pants, a blue t-shirt, neck scarf, two side black side belts, one having a pouch with ninja stars in it, two wrist bands, a set of armour that wraps around his sholders and under his arms, and two swords that are made of titanium which is virtually indestructible. He has silvery gray hair, with a golden eye color.  Shizo is covered with a thick silvery coat of fur that is accentuated by black rings.


He is very respectful and brave, he protects his frends and would also take a blow for any of his friends or familly members.


Two swords that have heat coils that make the metal white hot, three throwing knives, a pouch of simtax ninja stars, and the all important rift dagger. His greatest weapons are his sharp mind and quick reflexes, not to mention his razor sharp claws. Lastly, his stealth is unparalleled.


Kumi Umira[]

Shizo seems to have a very tight relationship with his girlfriend.  It is said that she would follow him anywhere.

However he would never put her in harms way. She spends most her time preping the lab and and house while Shizo's away.


Elijah or Eli, as Shizo calls him, have been best freinds since they could remember, and he even tried to convince Shizo not to get the serum he took. He follows Shizo almost everywhere, and lends a helping hand in the lab.


  • Shizo is played by Shayne
  • Shizo is one of the three characters from the future earth
  • Main Quote " The End is just the Begining"
  • Shizo is the only character to have a romantic relationship in the beginning of the RP