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He lives in a Dimension where science has progessed to the point that cloting and such can be made out of a lightweight titanium strands and the time period is about 20 years later from our current time.


Prefers laying around watching things happen over joing in but does alot when he actually feels like joining in. When he isnt being calm, quiet and thoughtful he's being crazy, sarcastic and is the center of the conversations.


Paskalso is an 18 year old human male that is 5'8", has 2 psycic powers and wears a cloak around his body that hides his titanium thread enhanced clothing which protects him as if they were armor. That clothing is usually jeans and a longer sleaved shirt. He has short brown hair with Hazel eyes and wears glasses when relaxing but wears contacts when hes getting serious. Wears a belt that holds his knives and disks and three sheaths, two crisscrossing his back for his dual swords and 1 going across the back part of his waste which holds his hybrid sword. When he is forced to get back up he prefers having Shizo Nagasky covering his back.


1 pair of dual "whip swords" that expand and recede at the flick of his wrist, 1 Katana/Clayomore hybrid sword used for up close combat, Teleportation, Telikinesis, 5 round disks that he moves with his Telikinesis, fast reflexes and a vampiric knife used to heal himeself with the blood of his enemies.


Is in a relationship with a regular human girl whos name shall not be mentioned in the case that someone tries to kidnap/use her against him.