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Kumi Umira
Sex Female
Residence Japan 2100
Occupation new aged alchemist
More info
Eyes Silver
Hair golden blond
Look Anthro fox
Nicknames flare
Relatives none
Time Period
Played By NPC

Kumi Umira is an NPC from Split Second, and the girlfriend of Shizo Nagasaky.


Kumi met Shizo at about age 13 and were friends for years until Shizo finally asked her to be his girlfriend, she said "yes."  She and Shizo helped each other out throught the years and both went in for the transformation serum the first chance they got and that is when they were turned into who they are today. Kumi supports Shizo with all his crazy experiments and she showed up when the rift blade was made the first time along with Elijah.         


Kumi Umira is 5'5" tall and has long goldish blond hair that hangs down past her shoulders. She is a anthro fox with soft thick red fur everywhere but her torso, hands, and feet; which is white. She has silver eyes and usualy wears blue jeans with a black t-shirt. She has two gold circlets on each wrist and has a gold chain necklase.


Her main weapon is a 5 foot long diamond edged katana and her secondary weapons are throwing needles. She has a sharp sense of smell and great sight and she has her claws if she is in a tight jam. Her reflexes are superior to any humans.